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Zoroaster - Dog Magic 2xLP


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"A sonic barrage of amp-worshipping, guitar-driven, low-ended doom metal. Mammoth punishment akin to Sleep, High on Fire, and Grief. Crippling doom metal from Atlanta, GA! Like Sleep's "Jerusalem" with the amplification of SunnO))) with a unique twist of its own."

"The Atlanta-based band's follow-up, Dog Magic, starts off practically thrashing with the ornery “The Book,” but there's still that tangible aspect to Zoroaster's music. Whether they amp it up or slow it to an ungodly crawl, it's fiercely oppressive. It's also a lot more expressive – there's more to Zoroaster than just the usual trappings of the genre. Actually, “intense” is probably the best way of describing Dog Magic. It's one of those sonic whallops to the side of the head. You'll never recover from it, and you better believe you'll never forget it."

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Record Label
Kreation Records