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You Are The Conductor T-Shirt / Vinyl Package Deal!

You Are The Conductor T-Shirt / Vinyl Package Deal!



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Conduct yourself in style while you drop that needle, Mr. DJ! This deal offers an exclusive T-shirt design unavailable anywhere else, designed by Nate Shumaker for Northern Lights Industries. You can bundle this shirt together with a copy of the 12" on 180 gram translucent green vinyl or add all three colors! Shirts are printed on Tultex brand black tees with a two color, two location print including our logo on the left sleeve. Gnarly! Snag 'em up and save yourself some gravy boyeee!!

*when the translucent green vinyl runs out, we'll still offer this deal with black vinyl

"I don't think too much can be said about this album that hasn't been said before, it's a bonafide classic in every way. From the opening 1-2-3 punch of Quovis, Further Up and Further In, known now simply as "The Trilogy", to the shimmering final notes of the epic closing track Last Rites, You Are The Conductor ebbs and flows flawlessly in instrumental perfection. Few bands have ever set the bar so high for themselves on their debut EP, and as we all know by now, Caspian saw that bar and continues to raise it higher with each subsequent release, never succumbing to the pressure of their previous excellence. And it all started here, with these six tracks comprising the most promising instrumental debut in recent memory, which has since been lived up to.

For this second pressing we've gone all out, balls-to-the-wall with the quality and packaging. The records have all been pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl. There's four different colors; we've got translucent green, which is the mailorder edition, limited to 100 copies and only available through us. Then we have opaque mint green, which we've split with the band, so we have a very limited amount of these. There's 100 total of them pressed, but we have much less than that to sell in our webstore - the rest will be made available exclusively through the band. Then we have 100 copies on white vinyl, these ones will only be available from record stores and online retailers via Redeye Distribution. And lastly, for the audiophiles we have 300 copies on black vinyl. So these thick slabs need to be properly stored when not constantly rotating around your turntable, right? We gotchoo. These 180 gram slabs will be housed in super thick, heavy-duty, no-joke casewrapped, tip-on jackets. If you've seen these jackets before, then you know how THICK and unbelievable they are! To round out the package we've got full-color printed inner sleeves snuggling their 180 gram buddies. This is truly a gargantuan behemoth, friends. Quality with a capital "Q", and truly the definitive edition, and proper retelling of this classic record."

*Collectors Note: We know that we also did 100 copies on white vinyl in the first pressing, so to tell the difference between the two pressings, just remember that the jackets in the first pressing were on 20pt reverse board stock, not casewrapped. And beyond the jacket difference, there's been slight alterations to both the printed inner sleeves and the center labels on the record itself.