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You Are The Conductor CD




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This is the deluxe reissue of the now out-of-print debut EP by Beverly, MA instrumental powerhouse "Caspian". These come packaged in deluxe, heavyweight 5" cardboard gatefold "tip-on" sleeves printed at Stoughton Printing. Design by N.Shumaker/Northern Lights Industries

Originally released in 2005, the album captures a band with as much energy and urgency as you'd expect to find on a debut release. But it also displays a band that has a confidence and understanding of craftsmanship that defies their young age as a band.

Roaring out of the gate with the first three songs, what has now become known simply as "The Trilogy", a staple of the bands live set, "Quovis", "Further Up", and "Further In" flow seamlessly in and out of one another, leaving the listener short of breath and knee-deep in their instrumental catharsis. While "Loft", "For Protection", and "Last Rites" slow down the albums pace and journey through eachother, closing out the album in truly epic form.

A bona fide classic and an unparalleled debut within the instrumental rock underground, "You Are The Conductor" did more than whet the underground's appetite for the bands debut full length, it established Caspian as an immediate force to be reckoned with. And after five years of relentless touring, having played over 400 shows, including five full US natinal tours criss-crossing the country and two separate gargantuan jaunts throughout continental Europe, Caspian has proven to be a force that is unstoppable. These are the six songs that birthed Caspian.

CD Packaging
heavy cardboard stock || tip-on || 5" gatefold sleeve
Artwork Design
||Design & Layout: Nate Shumaker/Northern Lights Industries