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We Love Our Enemy 12" ALL THREE COLORS Package Deal!
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Actors& Actresses

We Love Our Enemy 12" ALL THREE COLORS Package Deal!



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This package deal includes all three color variants of Actors&Actresses' We Love Our Enemy 12". Save yourself some serious $krillA and swoop all of them at once!!

"If you’re looking for a pop song, you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you’ve come to be gently lifted aloft, levitated by cascading guitars and mysterious moods...Actors&Actresses aren’t just putting on a show of it. They’re immersed, and you will be too..." — The Big Takeover

"Huge leaps of artistic sonic undulation make Arrows as multidirectional as its title. The other side of this musically poignant release is that the songs come alive by a sort of rare instrumentation and care in handling that proves itself righteous over and over..." — Short and Sweet NYC

"It's like huge, post-metal, but with melodic shoegaze vocals and a couple Valium after all the bong rips - slowed down, but still complex..." — The New Scheme

"It’s easy to get lost listening to Arrows. The band relies on slow tempos and beautiful, somber melodies punctuated by haunting noises and held together by barely there vocals..." — Ink Magazine

"It's amazing to hear the depth and complexity that is portrayed on a first release like this..." — Muzik Dizkovery