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TTNS 4.20.17

TTNS 4.20.17



Hey y'all!

Happy TNS! Hope everyone had a lovely Easter last weekend :) With some tax season rearranging of the warehouse, a copy of 2nd issue of a Mylene Zine resurfaced :) In reverence to the recent Easter, please enjoy a copy of our Easter Island edition zine... seems fitting as the South Pacific is home to some of Earth's finest revelations... such wonder and beauty must be from the works of a divine nature! Check out this blast from the past:

Also found one of its accompanying samplers :) Tracklist:
1. Junius - Elisheva, I Love You
2. If These Trees Could Talk - Whats In The Ground Belongs To You
3. Caspian - The Raven
4. Constants - Those Who Came Before Pt. 1
5. Actors&Actresses - Hello Tornado
6. Gifts From Enola - Trieste
7. Beware of Safety - The Supposed Common
8. Eksi Ekso - O'God, They've Frozen
9. Beneath Oblivion - One Year Of Deprivation
10. Caspian - Crawlspace

How's that for a time capsule!? Anyhow, we'll toss this sampler in with a random order tonight, so place an order and you could get lucky :) <3

Sooooooo if you happen to be in the Pacific Northwest, there's some AMAZING shows coming up! Our dudes in Mustard Gas & Roses are currently on tour and playing the following dates:

4.21 - Cafe Colonial, Sacramento,CA w/Intronaut, Bell With
4.22- Mississippi Studios Portland,OR @ Stumpfest VI
4.24 - Highline, Seattle,WA w/Dust Moth, Old Iron
4.25 - Swillery Whiskey Bar Bellingham,WA w/Dust Moth, Heiress
4.27 - Golden Bull, Oakland, CA w/Connoisseur, Lowcaster, Dustern

The show at the Highline in Seattle, WA will also include the always amazing Dust Moth and the show in Bellingham, WA will include Dust Moth AND Heiress! Talk about a Sheathfest! <3 So please be sure to head out to a show and support!!

So last month as you may remember, we announced a contest to give away a cassette player to one lucky cassette purchaser :) So if you ordered the recent pressing of Caspian's Dust and Disquiet cassette you were automatically entered in a raffle for said cassette player :)

Well, the winner of the cassette player is *drum roll*


So there ya have it :)

Speaking of "having it", Sheath Sheriff has a killer OOP diddy that he's offering up tonight.


Well that's going to do it for tonights TTNS, have a wonderful upcoming weekend and HOLLA!!!


Linz & Joel