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thisquietarmy - Unconquered 2xLP

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thisquietarmy - Unconquered 2xLP


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"Finally available on vinyl, including the previously unreleased song 'Dronwars'! Thick glossy gatefold, 180g vinyl, free mp3 download code. This is swamp green vinyl, limited to 100 pieces! "As THISQUIETARMY, Eric Quach (DESTROYALLDREAMERS) explores never-ending spectrum of guitar ambience and loop drone sounds. From the mellow opening of “Immobilization”, through grandiose “Battlefield Arkestrah” and “The Sun Destroyers”, gloomy “Death of a Sailor”, to closing notes of “Empire”, Eric Quach manages to capture the essence of contemporary alternative guitar experimentation while maintaining disturbing but also captivating aural atmosphere. “Unconquered” presents this musical project as consciously standing among the best artists of this genre, which is symbolized by the guest appearance of AIDAN BAKER. On the other hand, THISQUIETARMY, already on his debut album, looks far into the future and crosses the boundaries, the best sign of which are the clean female vocals of Meryem Yildiz in one of the tracks – something not common in the field of ambient drone guitar music. Unconquered is a fitting name for the release – it presents unheard-of territory within the confines of the ambient-drone subgenre, and quickly thisquietarmy claims it as his own. The release is so fresh, so satisfying, that it makes you wonder why no one else has tried any of this (on this scale) before. I can't answer that question, but I do know this: there will be a lot of artists following in the footprints left by this album."

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