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The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist 2xLP
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The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist 2xLP



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We're not screwing around here people - Upgraded 5mm spine, 350gsm jackets with spot gloss and matte finish. Includes massive 12" x 12", 16 page paperback book in which the cover is on heavy, upgraded 250gsm jacket stock w/spot gloss and the inner pages are on 200gsm uncoated paper featuring art by Drew Speziale (Circle Takes The Square) and illustrator Matt Gauck. This version is on bronze vinyl of which only 600 were pressed. Come to the next level... The album was recorded by Kevin Mills and Tom Syrowski (Weezer, AFI) and mastered by Dave Collins (Danny Elfman, Black Sabbath). Geeeeez....

Limited to
bronze: 600 || black/bronze swirl: 100 || clear w/bronze haze: 100 || cream w/bronze splatter (tour): 200 (there's also a European tour pressing, see discography page for details)
Vinyl Weight
160 gram
Vinyl Packaging
350 gsm stock || LP jacket w/ 5cm spine || matte finish w/spot gloss || 11x11 16 page book || 250 gsm book cover w/matte finish & spot gloss || inner pages on 200 gsm uncoated paper
Vinyl Manufacturer
Pirates Press/GZ
Artwork Design
Main Illustrations & Design: Drew Speziale || Interior Book Illustration: Matt Gauck || Layout & Design: Michael Repasch-Nieves for Radar Visual || Additional Design: Ira Bronson for Black Day Creative