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The Four Trees 2xLP
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The Four Trees 2xLP




Stream It:

The 11th Red Letter Repress is here! Be sure to check the center of your gatefold to see if you received a Red Letter in your copy to possibly win a TEST PRESS! Read below for all the details...

3rd Pressing: NOW AVAILABLE!!! We pressed 500 copies this time around, 100 on Matt Szymanski's color choice of Tricolor: Clear/Translucent Brown/Pilsner, 150 on translucent blood red vinyl with white smoke, and 250 on black for the audiophiles.

This version is remastered by Will Benoit for super maximum audio fidelity and also has a new gatefold jacket layout by Nate Shumaker, which includes a matte finish with spot gloss on the front and back cover. Oh, and we let a longtime Sheather choose a color variant! And if you've ever seen Matt Szymanski's amazing Caspian record collection, you know he's in it to win it, he chose that super sexy tricolor variant :) Also, to keep things even more dynamic, we're adding a little luck of the draw to the mix... being that this is such a numeral anniversary repress; a Red-Letter Day; let's add letters to an album that truly never needed to say a word. Anyone who finds a Red letter in the centerfold when they unfold their TFT gatefold will receive free copies of both the 2010 CD reissue and a copy of the 2013 CD reissue :) But then, if all six of the lucky peeps who received a letter are able to coordinate with one another and figure out what the letters combine to say, we'll give each of you a free test press! Good luck!!

2nd Pressing (SOLD OUT):This is the long-awaited vinyl repress of one of our favorite albums of all-time, Caspian's debut full length The Four Trees. But rather than just repress the record, we thought it would be a great idea to rework the art from the ground up. So Nate Shumaker redesigned everything, and laid it out completely different. We now have a heavyweight, wide-spine jacket housing the 2xLP, rather than the gatefold jacket from the first pressing. We've also got three new colors of vinyl to choose from: transparent pilsner with maroon & black splatter (limited to 100), clear vinyl with bronze swirl (limited to 100), and bronze vinyl (limited to 400).

"Originally released on Dopamine Records in 2007, then later reissued the same year on vinyl by The Mylene Sheath, and finally re-released in 2010 on CD & digital formats by The Mylene Sheath, the debut full length by Caspian sounds just as fresh, sincere and genuine today as it did six years ago. Emotive instrumental rock that is essential listening for anyone into "post" anything. This second vinyl pressing, and first since 2007, features all new artwork and layout by long-time collaborator Nate Shumaker for Northern Lights Industries. Since releasing "The Four Trees" the band has gone on to release "Tertia" in 2009 (The Mylene Sheath), "Live at Old South Church" in early 2012 (The Mylene Sheath), and most recently, "Waking Season" in the fall of 2012 (Triple Crown), all to widespread critical acclaim. After two years of headlining, sold-out SXSW showcases and successful US tours with the likes of Minus The Bear, Cursive, Red Sparowes, Native, and Junius, as well as several European jaunts, the band appears poised for world takeover. Indeed it's high-time to make this landmark debut full-length available on vinyl once again, for the first time in half a decade. "The Four Trees" will finally be reissued on vinyl May 28th via The Mylene Sheath."

2007 Description: This is the amazing, epic full length by Caspian entitled "The Four Trees". Finally out on vinyl as of 11/07 after initially being released on CD back in 04/07. This is a double LP and both LP's are half white and half clear gold "pilsner". This is limited to only 500 copies. The vinyl version has different artwork than the cd release and comes in a deluxe full color gatefold jacket and includes a full color insert.

"Originally released on CD last April on Dopamine, this newer, absolutely gorgeous double-disc gatefold Mylene Sheath vinyl issue truly re-establishes the pre-digital connection between the art of the music, and the visual splendor of a great 24" sleeve package. It sounds like the analog mastering is no cheapo job, either a single album spread over two discs to insure maximum fidelity perfect for a wondrously ethereal debut album by this greater-Boston (Beverly, MA) instrumental quintet. With shoegaze dissonance, feedback gales, glistening guitars, thrusting drums, and throbbing vistas, Caspian is some whitecap sea between Henry Frayne's equally commanding Lanterna, The Dears without vocals, "She Calls" Slowdive, and "View From a Hill" Chameleons. You feel like you're skiing pristine Alps or investigating Greenland glaciers on The Four Trees, its chilly beauty as imposing and unassailable as an IMAX Antarctica movie"

- Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover #62

Limited to
1st Pressing: translucent green w/white splatter/translucent blue w/white splatter: 200 | half pilsner/half white: 500 | white w/brown splatter/brown w/white splatter: 300 (tour) | 2nd Pressing: translucent pilsner w/maroon and black splatter: 100 | clear
Vinyl Weight
160 gram
Vinyl Packaging
1st Pressing: 350 gsm stock gatefold jacket | UV gloss finish | 4/4 insert | 2nd Pressing: Heavyweight 20pt stock 5mm wide-spine jacket w/matte finish
Vinyl Manufacturer
Pirates Press / GZ
Artwork Design
1st Pressing: Design & Layout: Nate Shumaker for Northern Lights Industries | Photography: Thomas Mathe | Painting: Anthony Falcetta | 2nd Pressing: Design & Layout: Nate Shumaker for Northern Lights Design