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Selaxon Lutberg - Cold House of Love LP

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Selaxon Lutberg - Cold House of Love LP


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"finally available on vinyl! 180g clear vinyl + brown haze, limited to 125 pieces! Thick printed inner sleeves and thick printed covers. "Pages of a diary under the form of ten minimal soundscapes based upon emotional sounds made with guitars, piano and heavily processed field recordings. Hard to say if this is dark ambient or minimal post-rockā€¦ "Cold house of love" is all of this and a lot more. Subtly disquieting ambience music - a journey through the cold rooms of the house of love....." [Eibon]

"....Based primarily within the ambient genre Andrea mixes dynamic electronic soundscapes with the occasional use of samples and simple piano refrains. For the most part though the electronics dominate creating this phenomenal piece of work. You could rightly call this dark ambient music in many ways. There is a dense creepy edge to the sonics that would match that description. That though is open purely to the individuals interpretation. You hear dark. I hear glorious light. You say full of remorse. I say full of hope. You say barren. I say lush and full of life. What we hear and how we build associations with that information is what makes us each unique in our own little ways [...] A remarkable recording that dreamers the world over should get hold of immediately." [Alan Milne / Heathen Harvest]"

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