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Restless Aim CD

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Restless Aim CD




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The ever-prolific metal marauders in Heiress are back with a new collection of material, to be released in multiple formats over the next several months. Continuing a staggering string of continuous high quality output following 2015's Of Great Sorrow which Metal Sucks claimed was "the kind of record for which the use of the verb “crushing” as an adjective was invented" and 2016's Made Wrong, which New Noise Magazine touted as "the next great post-metal record", the band now offers up Restless Aim.

Restless Aim started out as a series of three split seven inches between Heiress and their friends in Earth Control, Great Falls, and GRVR (Griever). Those 7" splits will be released in the near future, but the Heiress portion of the material from those splits is also being released as a CD (containing 15 tracks, including their self-released debut 7" and all their EP & split material from the years spent on Deathwish Inc). And for the digital version of the release we've included all their songs from the split 7" series and added two of the deeper cuts from their recent full lengths; Lashings from Of Great Sorrow (2015) and Skinning from Made Wrong (2016).

The material is aptly titled as the band continues to evolve and defy easy genre pinning. The diverse collection exemplifies the bands never ending need to push and pull themselves in as many directions as possible to create something that after all is said and done, could have only come from Heiress. Restless Aim will be released on CD and digitally on May 5, 2017. The three split seven inches will be released shortly after, with the artwork direction and design once again by Demian Johnston (Great Falls), who also handmade all the covers and obi-stips.

CD Tracklisting (Digital tracklisting is different):
1. Restless Aim
2. Old Smoke
3. Distant Hold
4. Last Nail
5. Botch vs Trial
6. Communionist
7. Husk Worship
8. Naysayer
9. Just Throats
10. Kodiak
11. Tyrant Sin
12. Death And Junes
13. Tomb It May Concern
14. Suffocate On Command
15. * [Bonus Track]