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Mylene Merch Package Deal
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Mylene Merch Package Deal


Out of Stock

We're finally having some Sheath glassware made! For all of our craft beer connoisseurs to enjoy their fine beverages, we present... the Sheath Pub Glass! These are 16oz pub glasses with our spiral logo printed on the bottom so that every time you take that last drink you're reminded to throw a Sheath release onto the turntable :) We're packaging it together with our new slipmats and new shirts so if you haven't grabbed either of those yet, here's a chance to get caught up all merchie-like!

These glasses are pre-approved for you by the Caspian crew:

*The pub glass will ship separately from anything else that you order at the same time, so the price is a little bit higher to compensate for the extra shipping costs that aren't covered*

Package Deal