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Mega Metal Package Deal!



The motherload of all metal package deals! Includes the following eeeeeeeeeeeevil jams:

- Atavist/Nadja split 12"

- Nachtmystium "Demise" LP

- Nachtmystium "Eulogoy IV" LP

- Across Tundras "Dark Songs of the Prairie" LP

- Yob "Catharsis" LP

- Zoroaster/Aldebaran split 7"

- Zoroaster "Dog Magic" 2xLP

- Zoroaster "Voice of Saturn" LP

All orders for this unholy package deal will also include copies of the split 7" between Beneath Oblivion and Angel Eyes, as well as Chasma's "Declarations of the Grand Articifer" LP FOR FREE!

Raise your horns!

Package Deal