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Live at Old South Church LP TEST PRESS
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Live at Old South Church LP TEST PRESS


Out of Stock

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This is the test press edition of the recent repress. 50 copies, hand-numbered, placed in special polybags that we painted to resemble the stained glass window on the front cover of the regular edition of the LP. Do it to it!

8.27.15 UPDATE: 2nd Pressing now available for pre-order! But rather than just repress the album, we decided to completely overhaul the artwork and the audio. The first pressing was done at Rainbo Records, and this new pressing is being handled by Pirates Press, they use a different vinyl mastering technique called DMM, or Direct Metal Mastering. You can learn more about that HERE. So while this is technically not a repress using the original plates from the 1st pressing, it is still officially the 2nd pressing of this recording. Artwork was once again handled by long-time collaborator and stud muffin, N.Shumaker/Northern Lights Industries.

498 pressed:

- 109 Translucent Yellow

- 109 translucent Green

- 280 Translucent Red

If you have not yet heard this mind-blowing LP, or as Rock Sound called it, "A master class in the art of the perfect post-rock performance...stunning...", you can hit it up below:

"On Friday night, October 22nd, 2010, Caspian played a benefit concert in Boston, MA at The Old South Church. the performance was a benefit for Amirah, a non-profit organization located in Boston dedicated to providing whole-person care for victims of human sexual trafficking. Now, we've wanted to release live Caspian material since the first time we ever saw them perform; if you've ever seen them play, then you know why. On this evening in particular, the band was in that special place that special bands go when things come together perfectly during a performance, and keep in mind we were in a MASSIVE, Gothic Revival style church built in 1875. I suppose the term "epic" would fail miserably in trying to convey the sheer size of the sound that was reverberating hundreds and hundreds of feet from wall to wall to ceiling to floor. Natural reverb, an organic wall of sound. Again, if you've seen the band perform, you have witnessed this impenetrable wall, but never like this. Not in a building this size, or in a room this conducive to utter aural bliss. For those lucky enough to be witnessing the event this evening, it's highly unlikely that anything ever felt quite so "religious". The audio of this experience was captured, and while it's true that there's nothing like actually being there, this recreation is about as close as it gets. It's our privilege to bring these first official live recordings of Caspian to you, in a way we feel is indicative of the sheer power on display when the band performs. If you've never seen the band, this should serve as the ultimate motivator in making that happen as soon as possible. If you have seen the band, just close your eyes and imagine."

Learn more about Amirah here: http://amirahboston.blogspot.com/