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If These Trees Could Talk 12"
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If These Trees Could Talk

If These Trees Could Talk 12"



Out of Stock

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3rd Pressing: COMING SOON.

2nd Pressing (SOLD OUT):The long awaited second pressing of the seminal debut by Akron, OH's If These Trees Could Talk. Limited to 500 copies with 100 on solid orange vinyl and 300 on half orange/half black vinyl (as well as another band exclusive color limited to 100). Both the band and us agreed that we should keep things pretty much the same on this repress, as far as artwork is concerned. So we simply gave this a standard semi-gloss finish instead of a matte finish, in order to differentiate the jackets on each pressing.

Limited to
1st Pressing: clear w/orange haze: 150 || black: 250 || orange w/black splatter: 100 (band exclusive) || 2nd Pressing: orange: 100 || half orange/half black: 300
Vinyl Weight
160 gram
Vinyl Packaging
1st Press: 350 gsm stock LP jacket|| CMYK || matte finish || 2nd Press: 350 gsm stock LP jacket|| CMYK || semi-gloss finish
Vinyl Manufacturer
GZ / Pirates Press
Artwork Design
Design/Layout: Tom Fihe of ITTCT