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Bloodline Bundle
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Bloodline Bundle


Out of Stock

OK, I'm going to try to explain this... this package deal contains the new San Angelus 7" on whichever color is the most limited at the time of your order. Right now it comes with the baby blue w/grey & white splatter until that color sells out. Also included are some acts associated with San Angelus. For example, this package includes the popular Aeges/Dust Moth split 7" Bad Blood. This split includes San Angelus drummer Larry Herweg's final recording with Aeges. It also includes former San Angelus guitarist Mark Holcomb's first recorded output with Dust Moth (as well as Aeges first recording that didn't include Holcomb playing guitar on it). This package deal also has the Pelican 7" we did, in which Pelican/San Angelus drummer Larry Herweg crushes the kit. And lastly, this package includes Aeges' Southern Comfort 7". This 7" was the last recorded Aeges output to include former San Angelus guitarist Mark Holcomb (though he goes uncredited) before he left Aeges to join Dust Moth. It also has San Angelus/Pelican drummer Larry Herweg playing drums on his next to last release with Aeges. Does all that make sense? So yeah, there's the bloodline. We'll come up with a diagram soon :)