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Angel Eyes

Beneath Oblivion/Angel Eyes split 7"




Stream the Beneath Oblivion side:
""it’s killer; denser than the earth’s crust, the whole thing oozes coagulated sludge, abject horror, and the sweat of a hundred post-apocalyptic marauders..." — AV Club

Stream the Angel Eyes side:
"haunting and hammering, blending the fury of metal with the surge and sweep of post-rock. It's a fascinating hybrid..." — J. Edward Keyes, eMusic Editor-In-Chief

"In July of 2010, Angel Eyes released an album called "Midwestern" that fell like an atomic bomb from the heavens, defying expectations and hurling unapologetic angst at a stagnant and dying human race. In the midst of the albums release, the band played a release show in Chicago on July 23rd. Also on the bill that night were like-minded labelmates Beneath Oblivion (Cincinnati, OH), performing some new songs they'd been isolated away in a warehouse and working on for the entire previous year.

Astonishingly, the venue withstood the show and never collapsed. However, upon the end of Angel Eyes set, the skies parted and a torrential downpour ensued, the likes of which the area hadn't seen in years. Cars were crashing, streets were flooding, complete carnage surrounded the aftermath of the show. It was at this moment that we decided these two bands needed to be on a split with each other, if it was the last thing we did. Now on the eve of Beneath Oblivion's upcoming full length, "From Man To Dust", the split 7" finally becomes a reality.

The A-side will feature Beneath Oblivion performing an alternate version (completely different edit, mix, and master) of "Be My Destroyer" from the upcoming full length, "From Man To Dust". The song exemplifies the evolution of the band as they continue to push themselves and create a unique identity far beyond the song writing shown on their last release (the self-titled, two song 10" ep from 2009). Featuring clean vocals and guitars in the beginning, rapidly evolving into the shrieks of abomination and swells of distortion that have become the bands trademark. The B-side will feature one of the final recordings by Angel Eyes, "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men". Undoubtedly the most beautiful piece of music in the bands extensive catalog. This instrumental track traverses through a series of emotional tremolos and crescendos before crashing headfirst into the sonic anger only Angel Eyes can create. Then it's gone just as quickly as it came, leaving you craving more - much like the band themselves. A proper approach to their upcoming final album, "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men" captures the band at their most vulnerable.

The two song split will feature artwork by Beneath Oblivion's own Allen Lee Scott II (guitar), with design and layout duties handled by Nate Shumaker (of Northern Lights Industries and Lavinia), and will feature hand screenprinted covers done by Charlie Wagers (of Three Bears Design). 500 will be pressed and the 7" will never be repressed. 100 will have red covers with matching red vinyl, 200 will have grey covers with matching grey vinyl, and 200 will have white covers with clear vinyl, all meticulously and lovingly hand screened and hand numbered. And we're beyond honored to finally be able to present it to you."

Limited to
red: 100 | grey: 200 | clear: 200
Vinyl Packaging
Hand Screened and Hand Numbered Covers
Vinyl Manufacturer
Pirates Press / GZ
Artwork Design
Original Artwork: Allen Lee Scott II | Additional Design & Layout:N.Shumaker/Northern Lights Industries | Screen Printing: Charlie Wagers / Three Bears Design