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Beneath Oblivion 10"
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Beneath Oblivion

Beneath Oblivion 10"




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"Out of the abandoned warehouses of post-industrial era Cincinnati comes this reckoning of battle. Beneath Oblivion is Cincinnati, Ohio s finest in doom, despair and futility. Crawling forward, white-knuckled with down-tuned guitar riffs that leave you unnerved and anxious, bass lines that thud hard enough to leave you nauseous, and drums that thump one minute in a tribal, trance-inducing cavalcade and the next crashing down with the power of a mountain splitting in two. And though self-lamenting enough to satisfy anyones deepest wallowing, it challenges you to use your sorrow as a fuel to conquer and persevere."

Limited to
black: 100 | red/white swirl: 300 | sperm (white/clear swirl):100 (tour)
Vinyl Packaging
350 gsm stock | CMYK 10" jacket | 4/4 insert
Vinyl Manufacturer
Pirates Press / GZ
Artwork Design
Design & Layout: Nate Shumaker / Northern Lights Industries