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Aeges/Dust Moth "Bad Blood" two-sided slipmat

Aeges/Dust Moth "Bad Blood" two-sided slipmat


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This is a "Bad Blood" preorder-exclusive slipmat featuring Aeges on one side and Dust Moth on the other.

"Bad Blood" is a split 7" between ÆGES and Dust Moth. LA's ÆGES features members of Pelican, -16-, and The Rise. Seattle's Dust Moth features members of These Arms Are Snakes, Minus The Bear, Shift, Undertow, XVIII Individual Eyes, etc. Each band delivers a brand new, exclusive track to this split. Three different colors of vinyl to choose from.

Side A:

Aeges "Parasite" (4:20)

Side B:

Dust Moth "Toto" (4:13)

Stream the Aeges track:

Stream the Dust moth track: