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Aun - VII 2xLP

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Aun - VII 2xLP



"Aun’s music, generally shifts between dreamy lulling harmonic distortion, to sheer gut wrenching ultra downtuned avant black dirge, Aun's "VII" is of the latter. Of strong melodic and compositional sense, impossibly detuned guitars and electric power surges, soar through deep space and into black holes. While demented acid fueled fidles torments the high ends, ghostly cow-boy melodies and industrial strength psychedelia, are time kept by Away of metal legends: Voivod. Playing an uncharacteristic strain of jazzy, motorik and tribal rhythms, Away traps the surreal electrocution state of "VII" into a powerful otherwordly statement."

Limited to
Vinyl Weight
180 gram
Vinyl Color
Record Label
Denovali Records