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ARC : Arrows Remix Compilation 12"
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Actors& Actresses

ARC : Arrows Remix Compilation 12"




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"25 months of work, 11 contributing artists, 7 different cities represented, 1 album reinterpreted. The Arrows Remix Compilation, or ARC, is a diverse collection of remixes by a group of artists that each bring their own unique vision to some of the most revered songs originally recorded and released on 2009's Arrows. Arrows was Actors&Actresses debut full length, and first release for The Mylene Sheath. Upon it's release some two and a half years ago, critics applauded the record, with The Big Takeover going so far as to say you'd be "levitated by cascading guitars and mysterious moods..." and Short and Sweet NYC claimed "the songs come alive by a sort of rare instrumentation and care in handling that proves itself righteous over and over". The band was an instant favorite among the other bands on the label, a "bands' band" in the truest sense of the term. So shortly following the release of Arrows, Andy Schiller (guitar) approached us with the idea of having some of their label-mates and some of their other friends from around the country try their hand at reinterpreting a few select tracks from the album... and see what they came up with. Having never been involved with a project like that, we all decided to try it out together and see if we could pull it off. The results came in slow and steady, and what could have become a logistical nightmare was actually handled much like an Actors&Actresses song itself - patient, methodical, intelligent and rewarding. Contributions from label-mates like Steve Molter of Beware of Safety or ::thinkstandard:: as he appears here, Philip Jamieson of Caspian performing under The Atlas Ladder moniker, and Will Benoit of Constants, contributing under his New Rochelle Rotary Club alias, give the album a family vibe as they refashion their respective tracks with passion and care. Good friends Arms & Sleepers make a stunning appearance to lead off the album, getting things in stride early, and after that each unique and carefully sequenced track keeps things intriguing and diverse throughout. With so many different styles and so many different approaches, the album is exciting to listen to just to see how the next person will handle the track - and thankfully it's mind blowing across the board. It's amazing that so many people can hear the same album in so many different ways, and that's the beauty of music - we all interpret it uniquely and personally. And given the opportunity, we try to explain to others what we like about a certain song or album, using words to describe the feeling. The 11 artists on this album had the opportunity to explain that feeling by using the music to create more music, and now it's almost like you get to climb into their heads and listen to what they hear when their brain processes these tracks. Honestly, we'll be the first to admit that we were slightly skeptical about the release would come together at first, but now that we've heard it from beginning to end, many times, we're definitely as proud of this album as anything else we've released on the label. It opened our minds, and ultimately that's the mark of any accomplished collection of songs. But I suppose we're rambling here, why don't you listen to the tracks yourself? The entire 14 track digital release is available for free download on the bands Bandcamp site right here: http://actorsactresses.bandcamp.com and the first 8 tracks are also available on LP format. For the LP, only 207 were pressed - 98 on solid, thick black vinyl and 109 on transparent gold with black streaks. Artwork design, direction and layout was handled by N.Shumaker/Northerlightsindustries.com and the jackets were printed on thick 20pt SBS board jackets. Hopefully you'll all enjoy the project as much as we have in watching it come together, and we're so proud to finally be releasing it for everyone that has had a hand in making it a reality. 25 months of work, 11 contributing artists, 7 different cities represented, 1 album reinterpreted."

Limited to
black vinyl: 98 || translucent gold w/black streaks: 109
Vinyl Weight
160 gram
Vinyl Packaging
20 pt stock || CMYK jackets
Vinyl Manufacturer
Rainbo Records
Jacket Printer
Dorado Music Packaging
Artwork Design
N.Shumaker / Northern Lights Industries