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"Southern Comfort" 7" BOTH COLORS!!
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"Southern Comfort" 7" BOTH COLORS!!




Stream It:

In this package you can snag both of the stand alone colors we have to sell, both at once and at a discount :) Splatter limited to 200, red limited to 400. Hey - easy on the eyes... aaaaand the pocket book!

This 7" features a remastered version of the ripper Southern Comfort (stream above) from The Bridge, and the previously unreleased B-side, Stars. We opted for a classic foldover 7" gatefold jacket with a heavy gloss finish. Artwork was once again handled by Jason Craig (as was The Bridge) and includes photography by Danielle Hardy. And like The Bridge, this 7" was mastered by Mark Chalecki at Little Red Book Mastering (Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Goatsnake, Megadeth). This 'lil fella will spin at 45rpm for maximum fideltiy and come in four different vinyl colors. Lets look at how the colors will break down:

1000 total pressed:

- 200 translucent red vinyl w/opaque aqua blue splatter (mailorder edition)

- 200 half translucent red/half opaque aqua blue (tour edition)

- 200 white vinyl (retail exclusive)

- 400 transparent red

Limited to
Translucent Red with Opaque Blue Splatter: 200 | Translucent Red: 400
Artwork Design
Design & Layout: Jason Craig | Photography: Danielle Hardy
Vinyl Manufacturer
Pirates Press / GZ Media
Vinyl Packaging
CMYK 7" gatefold jacket with heavy gloss coating