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GFE "A Healthy Fear" 2xLP Both Colors
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Gifts From Enola

GFE "A Healthy Fear" 2xLP Both Colors



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This package includes both the translucent yellow w/blue haze (limited to 100) and the navy blue (limited to 300). Get up on it, I'll bet by the time you're reading this, we're nearly out of the yella jointz!

“Harrisonburg, VA quartet Gifts From Enola will be releasing their new full length “A Healthy Fear” on November 13th via The Mylene Sheath. The record serves as the follow up to 2010’s self titled full length effort and their split EP with Caravels earlier this year. In true Gifts From Enola fashion, the band has continued their evolution from a promising, young instrumental post-rock band (2006’s “Loyal Eyes Betrayed The Mind”), to ambitious, fearless visionaries (2009’s “From Fathoms”), to a post-hardcore/post-metal hybrid (2010’s self-titled full length), and now into a class of sonic madness that defies all genre tagging. The band is unafraid to try anything and the results are once again a fresh, new sound from a band that comes across as inspired and excited as ever. The album was recorded and mastered by Will Benoit (Constants, Junius, Caspian, City of Ships) at Radar Studios in Clinton, CT with artwork handled by Charlie Wagers for Three Bears Design. The album will be released on vinyl, CD and digital formats and tour dates will be announced in the coming months as well."

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