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Giants 7"
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Giants 7"



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"In the waning summer months of 2005 four midwesterners coming out of high school decided to get together and write some songs with the intention of adding vocals later. Heath Hospodarsky, James Lyle, Dave Livingston, and Brad Highnam wrote these four tracks and then the following November went into CB Studios in Cedar Falls, IA and recorded them with Christian M. Brown. After hearing what they had created, the band decided to altogether nix the idea of vocals being adding and simply keep the songs instrumental..."Giants" was born. Back then, with instrumental music not nearly as popular as it is today, the band was onto a new and fresh sound that was triumphant and hopeful, almost anthemic in its feel. The band hand burned 300 CD-R's of the album and sold out of them after just their first two shows in the area. This was the end of the self titled EP's life... until now. Fast forward 5 years into the future, to the final months of 2010. After several discussions with their record label, The Mylene Sheath, the band went back into the studio and rerecorded the EP once again for an "official" release. At the helm once again was Christian M. Brown, but this time the studio was Grand Junction Studio in Waterloo, IA. The results? A hi-fi trip down memory lane for those who were there the first time around, as well as a great introduction to those completely unfamiliar with the material. The rerecorded EP is now available on iTunes and all other DSP's, but will be officially released as a limited edition vinyl 7" on June 14th, 2011 to celebrate the bands first four recorded songs on the eve of their 6th anniversary as a band. With two full lengths, an EP, and a split 7" with Mylene Sheath labelmates Beware of Safety under their belt, the band are currently supporting bands such as The Appleseed Cast on select dates as well as writing their third full length for release on The Mylene Sheath in early 2012. So with busy times ahead for the band, it's truly a unique experience to hear the four songs that started everything, and see them get the official release they never had in 2005."

Limited to
gold: 300 || maroon: 100 || green: 100
Vinyl Packaging
CMYK || 7" jacket
Vinyl Manufacturer
Rainbo Records
Jacket Printer
Dorado Music Packaging
Artwork Design
Artwork: Micah Bloom || Band Logo Design: Charlie Wagers / Three Bears Design || Layout: N.Shumaker / Northern Lights Industries