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February Newsletter

February Newsletter

Hey guys!!

Welcome to the February newsletter, where we celebrate the month of loooooove… and awesome bands :) Hope everyone’s new year is storming out of the gate with awesomeness so far! Not sure if anyone noticed, but we were unable to get a January newsletter out to everyone last month! It was the first month in nearly four years that we haven’t had a chance to say hello! The streak comes to an end! But when one streak ends, another begins :) We were overwhelmed with mailorder obligations last month thanks to everyone being cool enough to pick up some records from us, so THANK YOU so much for continuing to support the bands and keep us as busy as ever. And hopefully our newsletter silence in January didn’t leave anyone toooo awfully distraught over missing out on our monthly diddy, we promise it won’t happen again ;) But GAWD DAMN, we’ve actually got record packing CALLOUSES, haha.

Also, since we didn’t get to follow up with y’all since December, we truly hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and super fun (and safe) new year celebration! Needless to say, we had a great 2011 with you guys and definitely could NOT have made it through to 2012 without each and every one of you. MUCHO hugs & kisses friends!

So here we are in the new year, fresh starts aplenty and clean slates to write on. We’re looking forward to making a little history with everyone and seeing where the journey goes over the next twelve months. We’ve got a lot of killer shit planned for the year, so be our valentine and lets begin talking about the love – pronto!

ÆGES Premier “Wrong” on Brooklyn Vegan!

Aeges press photo
The first track from ÆGES’ upcoming behemoth full length The Bridge, is now being premiered exclusively over at Brooklyn Vegan. You can stream and/or download the the song “Wrong” right HERE! Allow the sheer heaviness of the track to whet your appetite for the upcoming monsterpiece ;) Also be sure to follow the band on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE. The Bridge will be available worldwide on April 17th and we’ll begin taking preorders for the vinyl and the CD in March sometime, get ready, there’s no escape now. Just… let it consume you… it’ll be easier ;) Go listen! NOW!

Also, the band released a debut 7" last year that everyone should pick up HERE :)

Constants Announce New Album!
“Pasiflora” Due Out June 19th!

constants press photo
It is with tremendous excitement that we welcome home our beloved boys in Constants! They’ve cooked up something reeeeally special in the cave known as Radar Studios. There simply must be something  magic in them rocky walls because the band transcended to an obviously special place and came out on the other side with a record that is 100% certain to all at once surprise fans and blow they miiiindzzz!! Forget whatcha knew, it’s what yer knowin’! On June 19th we’ll be releasing their new album Pasiflora in all of it’s glory! Read more about it from the recent press release:

"After releasing the heaviest album of their career with 2010’s If Tomorrow The War (produced by Justin K Broadrick of Jesu/Godflesh), Constants’ fifth studio album Pasiflora reveals a very different side of the band, this time with an emphasis on shoegaze and an almost retro-sensibility. Whispering vocal harmonies, walls of chorused synths and booming Peter Gabriel-esque drums coalesce into an album landing somewhere between M83 and Mew. Simply put, Pasiflora might just be their best and most creative release yet.

Late last Summer, with nine years, four critically acclaimed albums and countless international tours under their belts, the members of Constants began to feel pigeonholed into the “post-metal/post-rock/post-whatever” scenes. So they set out to write an album that would redefine their already genre-bending sound from the outset, but it wasn’t until drummer Rob Motes presented a batch of bedroom demos that the new album really began to take shape. The group scrapped 6 months and 10 songs worth of material to embrace the vibrant and textural sound that would become Pasiflora.

“We aim to surprise people with every record and like to work outside of our own safe zone as much as possible. The challenge is to shape the result into a clear, consistent album,” says guitarist/vocalist Will Benoit. “We’re genuinely excited to have found something fresh at a point in our timeline where most bands become stagnant.” Pasiflora was self-produced in Benoit’s Radar Studios (Junius, Caspian) – New England’s first and only Solar-Powered recording facility – and co-mixed by Daryl Rabidoux (Bad Rabbits, The Cancer Conspiracy). The album will see a release worldwide on June 19th, via The Mylene Sheath.

Of the merger, Constants’ Will Benoit comments “it’s always exciting to work with people that are as enthusiastic about music as we are, and The Mylene Sheath’s passion always shines through. We’re really happy to be back and teaming back up with them for this”. Label owners Lindsay Palmer and Joel Proper say “Constants is part of the family, it’s only natural to be working together again.”

* To date the Boston based trio has played over 700 shows since 2005 and has shared the stage at home and on tour with Pelican, Russian Circles, The Appleseed Cast, Rival Schools, The Sword, Genghis Tron, Brazil, Comeback Kid, Tombs, Wolves in the Throne Room, Maserati, Circle Takes The Square, Defeater, The Life And Times, Maps and Atlases, Kinski, Elliott, Chin Up Chin Up, Coliseum, The Mobius Band, Go Go Go Airheart, Year Future, Caspian, Kayo Dot, Junius, Lymbyc System, and This Will Destroy You.

So there you have it! Expect a brand spankin’ new track premier VERY soon as well as a free download of a sick cover song they did. And remember that the band is currently touring Europe with Sights and Sounds, so be sure to catch them live at one of the dates listed HERE!

Caspian Tertia 2xLP repress

tertia cvr art

We wanted to let everyone know that yes, we are in fact repressing the Tertia 2xLP! Thanks for all the emails about it, glad to know they’ll be going to good homes ;) We’re going to launch preorders tomorrow (2/10) at 11am for this second pressing. Sorry for the short notice, but hey, we couldn’t get a newsletter out last month! There’s only 500 being pressed, with 300 on opaque gold vinyl and 200 on white vinyl, These will all be split between the label, the band, and our distributor – so everyone will have limited quantities. In an effort to keep each pressing easily distinguishable for collectors, the packaging has been completely overhauled for this pressing (courtesy once again of N.Shumaker/Northern Lights Industries) and now incorporates a thick 20pt stock, full color gatefold jacket, rather than the 5mm spine jacket from the OG pressing. Of course, the gold foil stamping will make its second consecutive appearance on this pressing, so obviously, sexiness is guaranteed to be achieved :) This pressing will be available in physical record stores worldwide as well as online distros on March 20th. Preorders through us will ship sooner than that as manufacturing is currently wrapping up. Right now the band is doing a short string of dates in Europe and you can check out the dates by peeping their official blog HERE. Go. See. Them. ;) And get you some Tertia vinyl tomorrow at 11am, be there or be square there Pierre!

Live At Old South Church

Contest Winners!

sheath034 cvr art

As you may recall we had a couple of contests to win free copies of the live Caspian LP a couple months ago, here’s the lucky winners :)

- grand prize winner (wins a copy of the LP on blush colored vinyl)

Maximilian Seidel!

- runner up (wins a copy on pink/white marble)

Max Kimbrel! 

Both of the winners are named ‘Max’??? There were TONS of entries, so that’s crazy :) Congrats to both of our Max’s, we’ll get these out to you guys right away :)

Indie Rock Review Contest:
- grand prize winner (wins a copy of the LP on blush colored vinyl)
Danial Cheung!

- runner up (wins a copy on pink/white marble)
Christian Bibisi!

And honorable mentions need to go to Jonathan Arsenault, Gabi Trifu, and Eric McKinley for posting more comments than we thought possible ;) Congrats to the winners, we’ll have your jams sorted and shipped immediately <3

Thanks to everyone that participated and made the contests so much fun :) And a HUGE thanks as always to our friends at both Decibel Magazine and IRR for hosting the contests and helping us spread the word!

Herra Terra at SXSW 2012!

ht promo
The label decided to forgo the annual trek to SXSW this year, but that didn’t stop Herra Terra from headin’ down there and reppin’ the crew in ‘12. Be sure to catch their set if you will be down there – they play on Tuesday night (3/13) at Valhalla. They’ll be touring down and back, and we’ll announce all the dates very soon, so you’ll be able to catch them in select cities between Boston & Austin as well. The band is currently working on their follow-up EP to 2010’s critically acclaimed dance party Quiet Geist – stay tuned!! In the meantime you can keep up with them on Facebook & Twitter, and follow them on the SXSW website HERE (and hear a new track!) – bam!

New Website!

OK gang, we’ve talked about this for a LONG time, haha. But seriously this time, come hell or high water, we’re launching the new website on Valentines Day ;) “Hmmmm, why V-day” you may be asking? Because of love, my friend… because of love. Cupids arrow shall fly through the air at speeds previously thought unattainable, uniting us all with the promises of unconditional love, eternal togetherness, and… a sick ass new website! We’re going to have a crazy sale on back catalog items to celebrate the new website launch and the holiday, so swing by on V-day if you want to feeeeeel the loooooooove <3

Glimpse of the future:

Oh how glorious it will be to not be embarrassed by our website any longer! Another HUGE thank you once again, and eternally, to our bestest buds over at Black Day Creative. We’re Almost there!!

The Mylene Sheath Free Sampler /
Facebook Page Joint!

sampler cover art

Like, like, like, like, like, Like, like, like, like, like!!! We’re currently giving away a free sampler to anyone that ‘likes’ our Facebook page. Cheesy? Wutevs – look, we’re just tryin’ to keep up man, Facebook is being built into TV’s for cripes sake! But yeah, it’s our newest sampler and features a lot of stuff from releases we put out in 2011 and earlier this year. Heeeeeere’s the tracklist:

1. GIFTS FROM ENOLA – Angel Face

2. CHASMA – Blue Jewel Destruction

3. JUNIUS – A Day Dark With Night

4. BEWARE OF SAFETY – Crooked Nails For Catching Skin



7. GIANTS – A Near Life Experience
TAKEN FROM SHEATH029 “GIANTS” 7" (06.13.11)

8. ACTORS&ACTRESSES – Sleepyhead

9. LAVINIA – Fires

10. EKSI EKSO – Carte De Viste!

11. HERRA TERRA – Lost In Labyrinth

You can download the whole thing over on da book RIGHT HERE! We encourage everyone to check out the songs, obviously, and pleeeeease help us spread the word! Thanks gang, enjoy the tunes!

Wrap Up!

Badaa bing badda boom, that’ll do it for the February newsletter. Hope you dug it :) Just a quick recap of our conversation – be sure to stream/download the first track “Wrong” off the upcoming ÆGES record The Bridge over at Brooklyn Vegan RIGHT HERE! Get stoked for the new Constants album Pasiflora and catch them on their current European tour with Sights and Sounds!  Remember the preorder for the Caspian Tertia 2xLP repress will launch tomorrow at 11am. Check out our new website on Valentines Day for some sexy sales (screw going out to dinner, amirite?). And please join us on Facebook (FREE sampler yo!) and Tumblr! Whew! In closing we’d just like to thank everyone again for the positive feedback on the batch of recent releases, it’s been overwhelming in the most awesome of ways. We know how lucky we are to be putting out records for y’all and we don’t take any of it for granted. Thanks for all of the encouraging emails and constant support, this is going to be an amazing year, we promise <3

Lindsay & Joel

Tour Dates

No upcoming tour dates, check back soon!