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Dust Moth 'Scale' LP - SOLD OUT! 2nd Pressing Imminent!

Dust Moth 'Scale' LP - SOLD OUT! 2nd Pressing Imminent!

Hey y’all!

Just a quick update that we are sold out of the 1st pressing of Dust Moth’s ‘Scale’ LP. We have a 2nd pressing in production and it should be here within a few weeks. The 2nd pressing is all black vinyl. If you are hoping to obtain a copy on colored vinyl, your best bet is to check with some of these fine retailers below. Or head over to your favorite record store and ask them to order you a copy from their friendly Redeye sale rep :) Here’s a list of stores that had previously been carrying the jammy:

2nd Avenue Records
Darkside Records & Gallery
Dearborn Music
Down In The Valley
Drastic Plastic
Ear Wax
Easy Street Records
Electric Fetus
Everyday Music
Gray Whale
Homer’s Records
Independent Records
Josey Records
Music Millenium
Newbury Comics
Park Ave CDs
Princeton Record Exchange
Rasputin Music
Redscroll Records
Reckless Records
The Record Exchange
Rolling Stones Records
Salzer’s Records
Silver Platters
Sonic Boom
The Sound Garden
Square Records
The Exclusive Company
Twist & Shout
Zia Record Exchange

We’ll let everyone know when the 2nd pressing is in-house, thanks so much to everyone that has supported the band and this release!

Linz & Joel

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