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Dust Moth 'Scale', Out Worldwide TODAY!!

Dust Moth 'Scale', Out Worldwide TODAY!!

Hey guys!

Today is the day! Scale, the debut full length from Seattle, WA’s Dust Moth is upon us!

If you pre-ordered the album on Bandcamp, you should have received an email by now allowing you to grab the whole jammy :) If you pre-ordered via iTunes you have the whole album by now as well. If you placed a physical pre-order through our store for an LP or CD, you have probably received a shipping confirmation with tracking information included. If you have not received that email from us yet, don’t worry, we still have some more orders to pack up and should have everything out the door by the end of the weekend. Thanks so much to everyone that supported the band and this release, it means so much to all of us!

If you would like to pick up the physical album through an independent retailer, here’s a list of places that are currently carrying the album on vinyl and/or CD:

2nd Avenue Records
Darkside Records & Gallery
Dearborn Music
Down In The Valley
Drastic Plastic
Ear Wax
Easy Street Records
Electric Fetus
Everyday Music
Gray Whale
Homer’s Records
Independent Records
Josey Records
Music Millenium
Newbury Comics
Park Ave CDs
Princeton Record Exchange
Rasputin Music
Redscroll Records
Reckless Records
The Record Exchange
Rolling Stones Records
Salzer’s Records
Silver Platters
Sonic Boom
The Sound Garden
Square Records
The Exclusive Company
Twist & Shout
Zia Record Exchange

You can also request your favorite local record store to order the album for you from their friendly Redeye Distribution sales rep :)

And, of course, you can grab a copy from us directly RIGHT HERE.

If you prefer going the digital route, here’s some links to grab it all digi-like:

Google Play

And it’s also on every other DSP that exists out there, so just search your favorite one if it’s not listed above :)

Thanks again y’all, and have a great weekend!!

Lindsay & Joel

Tour Dates

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