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split 7" w/Earth Control

"'Hover' captures the band, rooted in hardcore, expanding their palette into a brooding and building epic with touches of doom, post-rock and more. You gotta hear it." — Noisey

"smolder and crush like a crusty heavy metal motherfucker on sure-to-be-short-lived parole…" — Decibel Magazine

"the kind of record for which the use of the verb “crushing” as an adjective was invented..." — Metal Sucks

"On the strength of what may be the next great post-metal record, 2016 looks to be a big year for Heiress..." — New Noise Magazine

"Heiress‘ magnum opus. With Made Wrong, the band have found the perfect devastating sound for them... It’s this Seattle band’s crowning achievement..." — Svbterranean

"their appeal lies in the conviction with which they deliver the music, and Pettibone’s delivery has never been more ferocious..." — Invisible Oranges

"the kind of power that will grip you by the neck and put your head in a vice..." — No Clean Singing

"Combining the atmospherics of bands like the Swans and Mogwai with the punch of post-hardcore and stripped-down heavy metal, Heiress not only crushes live, but they also sound killer on your headphones..." — No Echo

"The combination of earth-shattering instrumentation, the icy atmospheric interludes and John Pettibone’s commanding vocals, is simply stellar... 9/10" — American Aftermath

"unpredictability in the genres of aggressive music that is sorely needed..." — The 1st Five

"honest, raw emotion... 4/5" — Alternative Press

"the full experience of just how heavy rock music should be done..." — Seattle Passive Aggressive

Pressing Info

- 25 Test Presses
- 110 Clear
- 110 Clear w/Black Splatter
- 328 Half Clear / Half Black


split 7" w/Earth Control

Sheath060 | Released November 24, 2017


“Heiress transitions almost seamlessly, trading post-rock soundscapes for a distorted, metallic assault and back again…” — Decibel Magazine

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split 7" w/Earth Control
Vinyl Color: Clear Vinyl
Limited to 110
split 7" w/Earth Control
Vinyl Color: Clear w/Black Splatter
Limited to 110
split 7" w/Earth Control
Vinyl Color: Half Clear/Half Black
Limited to 328

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