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Dust And Disquiet

"Caspian has the instrumental firepower to make a big noise when it feels like it. But the melodies, timbres and harmonics are so fully realized that "Tertia" would be mighty, even without its climaxes..." — The Washington Post

"With key tempo changes, well-spaced arrangements, and delicate instrumental insertions Tertia succeeds in capturing an earthen mood even as it soars to scrape the upper levels of the atmosphere..." — Pop Matters

"the ability to create such a wide range of reactions is the definition of true art. And if it can be accomplished through a version of metal, all the more power to it. Heady stuff, this." — Metal Sucks

"Listening to it unfold feels like staring at your own static image in the mirror, waiting for infinitesimal changes to reveal themselves..." — The Boston Globe

"Tertia finds Caspian trying new things and succeeding, gleefully galloping over the sophomore slump, never looking back..." — Prefix Mag

"a master class in the art of the perfect post-rock performance... stunning..." — Rock Sound

"please forgive my vague descriptions, but Caspian have laid their hands upon me and left the indescribable sensation that I’ve just heard something rather special, and they’ve taken a piece of me with them, while leaving a part of themselves with me..." — Metal Review

Pressing Info

- 75 Opaque Black/Silver Swirl
- 125 Translucent White/Black Swirl


Dust And Disquiet

Sheath056 | Released February 16, 2017

Dust And Disquiet cassette
Tape Color: Opaque Black/Silver Swirl
Limited to 75
Dust And Disquiet cassette
Tape Color: Translucent White/Black Swirl
Limited to 125

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