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Made Wrong

"'Hover' captures the band, rooted in hardcore, expanding their palette into a brooding and building epic with touches of doom, post-rock and more. You gotta hear it." — Noisey

"smolder and crush like a crusty heavy metal motherfucker on sure-to-be-short-lived parole…" — Decibel Magazine

"the kind of record for which the use of the verb “crushing” as an adjective was invented..." — Metal Sucks

"On the strength of what may be the next great post-metal record, 2016 looks to be a big year for Heiress..." — New Noise Magazine

"Heiress‘ magnum opus. With Made Wrong, the band have found the perfect devastating sound for them... It’s this Seattle band’s crowning achievement..." — Svbterranean

"their appeal lies in the conviction with which they deliver the music, and Pettibone’s delivery has never been more ferocious..." — Invisible Oranges

"the kind of power that will grip you by the neck and put your head in a vice..." — No Clean Singing

"Combining the atmospherics of bands like the Swans and Mogwai with the punch of post-hardcore and stripped-down heavy metal, Heiress not only crushes live, but they also sound killer on your headphones..." — No Echo

"The combination of earth-shattering instrumentation, the icy atmospheric interludes and John Pettibone’s commanding vocals, is simply stellar... 9/10" — American Aftermath

"unpredictability in the genres of aggressive music that is sorely needed..." — The 1st Five

"honest, raw emotion... 4/5" — Alternative Press

"the full experience of just how heavy rock music should be done..." — Seattle Passive Aggressive

Pressing Info

- 25 Hand Numbered Test Presses w/Hand Painted Covers
- 103 Grey/Red Swirl w/Black Splatter
- 108 Clear Vinyl w/Red, Yellow, and Orange Splatter
- 320 Grey w/Black Center
- 500 CDs


Made Wrong

Sheath057 | Released March 18, 2016


This thing is an straight-up beast, or as Decibel Magazine puts it, “absolutely enraged”. It’s an album that is impossible to classify in simple terms, there’s no genre or sub-genre that sums it up easily. And that is one of the things that makes it so great, along with the suffocating, emotional intensity and killer production, this is certainly the new high-water mark in the Heiress catalog.

“the next great post-metal record…” — New Noise Magazine

Stream It:

Made Wrong LP
Vinyl Color: Red & Grey Swirl w/Black Splatter
Limited to 103
Out of Stock
Made Wrong LP
Vinyl Color: Clear w/Red, Yellow, and Orange Splatter
Limited to 108
Out of Stock
Made Wrong LP
Vinyl Color: Grey/Black Swirl
Limited to 320
Made Wrong CD

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