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Aeges/Dust Moth - Bad Blood split 7"

"churning, emotive, groove-treading post-hardcore..." — Alternative Press

"ÆGES is the way post-hardcore is supposed to sound: abrasive, anthemic and face-melting... " — CMJ Network

"a burly, churning collection that drenches the classic 90's post-hardcore of Hum, Handsome and Quicksand in a Deftones-esque sheen..." — Decibel Magazine

"The record mines metal and hardcore in many of the same ways that Quicksand or Betty-era Helmet did in the 90s and Cave In or its contemporaries have in latter years; melodic vocals top thundering guitar riffs..." — Brooklyn Vegan

"one of the most promising debuts in recent memory..." — Ghettoblaster Magazine

"Metal doesn’t need to ignore hooks and melodies like the plague. And Aeges mixes great melodies with heavy, aggressive stuff we all love..." — MetalSucks

"a cohesive trip down paths paved with desert-rock hooks reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age and thick bass line grooves ripped from the playbook of L.A. post-hardcore greats Failure..." — LA Weekly

Pressing Info

- 100 half translucent red/half black
- 104 clear vinyl w/blood splatter
- 300 translucent red w/grey splatter

*Collectors Note: Every preorder shipped with a Crime Scene Investigation Kit. Not certain of how many total kits were assembled and shipped.


Aeges/Dust Moth - Bad Blood split 7"

Sheath046 | Released October 29, 2013


Killer split 7" between two of our favorite bands. Mark left Aeges to join Dust Moth on less than amicable terms, hence the title of the split.

Stream the Aeges track:

Stream the Dust moth track:

Aeges/Dust Moth - Bad Blood split 7"
Vinyl Colors: Half Translucent Red/Half Black Vinyl
Limited to 100
Out of Stock
Aeges/Dust Moth - Bad Blood split 7"
Vinyl Colors: Clear w/Blood Red Splatter Vinyl
Limited to 104
Out of Stock
Aeges/Dust Moth - Bad Blood split 7"
Vinyl Colors: Translucent Red w/Grey Splatter Vinyl
Limited to 300
Out of Stock

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