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From Man to Dust

"Beneath Oblivion have put out their best record to date... blindsided by how far the band has come..." — Decibel Magazine

"it’s killer; denser than the earth’s crust, the whole thing oozes coagulated sludge, abject horror, and the sweat of a hundred post-apocalyptic marauders..." — AV Club

"it's profound... From Man to Dust is as nauseating as it is hypnotic, tapping into the part of your brain that knows you’re not supposed to look but can’t stop yourself..." — MetalSucks

"Doom metal is taking new shapes in the fans' conscious, and Beneath Oblivion are leading the way to a nirvana of ruin..." — Exclaim!

"Unquestionably asphyxiating, and definitely a test of one’s resolve, From Man to Dust is sadistic, corrupt and endlessly pitiless—everything great heavy metal should be..." — Pop Matters

Pressing Info

- 100 toxic green vinyl (mailorder edition)
- 100 rust colored vinyl (tour edition)
- 335 translucent orange w/black streaks

Beneath Oblivion

From Man to Dust

Sheath033 | Released September 20, 2011


By far the most gut wrenching, mind numbing, soul sucking, flat out frightening release we’ve ever been a part of. This is not for the average listener, this is something incredibly special and incredibly moving. This is the end.

“Beneath Oblivion have put out their best record to date… blindsided by how far the band has come…” — Decibel Magazine

Stream It:

From Man To Dust 2xLP
Vinyl Color: orange w/ black streaks
Limited to 335
From Man To Dust 2xLP
Vinyl Color: 'toxic' green
Limited to 100
Out of Stock
From Man to Dust CD

Sheath News

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Tour Dates

Sep 30
  • Heiress

    The Valley

Oct 14
  • Mustard Gas and Roses

    West Hollywood, CA

Nov 17
  • Mustard Gas and Roses

    Los Angeles, CA

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