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"The one-time metalheads (and Jesu associates) serenely slowdive into shoegaze, loudly party like it's 1991..." — Spin

"As emotional rises go, “Sunrise” does a good job of finding lovely moments - the guitar riff in the chorus stands out - amidst the gloom and thunder of the rest of the track. That’s a type of optimism, too - call it the kind that you have to fight for - and it’s something Constants seem most interested in exploring right now..." — MTV

"singer-guitarist Will Benoit crafts songs of epic melancholy that stagger the ears as well as the heart..." — AV Club

"Constants' fusion of disparate styles is one of the most organic yet. Instead of soft-loud-soft-because-Isis-do-it, Constants work through melodies, textures, and rhythms with remarkable fluency..." — Decibel Magazine

"these alternative-gazers are an unpretentious, uncomplicated rock band with some seriously stratospheric sounds. I feel like I’m in a glass case of emotion — and all I’ve taken today are Claritin and a daily multi!..." — Metal Sucks

"heavily lush indie rock..." — RCRD LBL

Pressing Info

- 100 opaque purple vinyl (mailorder exclusive)

- 100 translucent purple vinyl w/pink haze (band exclusive)

- 100 white vinyl (retail exclusive)

- 300 black vinyl



Sheath039 | Released July 24, 2012


A modern-day shoegazin’ masterpiece, where dream pop melodies collide with fuzzed out walls of guitar crunch. Caswrapped jackets with artwork by Michael Repasch-Nieves (Radar Visual, Junius).

“The one-time metalheads (and Jesu associates) serenely slowdive into shoegaze, loudly party like it’s 1991…” — Spin

Stream It:

Pasiflora LP
Vinyl Color: Opaque Purple Vinyl
Limited to 100
Out of Stock
Pasiflora LP
Vinyl Color: Black Vinyl
Limited to 300
Pasiflora LP
Vinyl Color: Translucent Purple Vinyl w/Pink Haze
Limited to 100
Out of Stock
Pasiflora CD

Sheath News

Heiress Announce Tour Dates w/Baroness!

Hey! Heiress is gonna be pl...
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Tour Dates

May 26
  • Heiress

    Calgary, AB

May 27
  • Heiress

    Edmonton, AB

May 29
  • Heiress

    Vancouver, BC

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