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Kills of the Flood Tide 7"

"Brown Shark, Red Lion is the most interesting and challenging pop album I’ve heard so far this year..." — My Old Kentucky Blog

"Eksi Ekso soars, slashes, and burns and chimes again on its sophomore full-length, Brown Shark, Red Lion..." — Boston Globe

"a near-perfect synthesis of the band’s ambitious statement of intent and secret love of pop..." — Consequence of Sound

"when said power fully clicks together for the group, it's breathtaking..." — All Music Guide

"with an album this beautifully written, not to mention wonderfully packaged, pressing play again should be no problem at all..." — Treble Magazine

Pressing Info

- 50 black vinyl #1-#50
- 200 pink vinyl #51-#250

Eksi Ekso

Kills of the Flood Tide 7"

Sheath024 | Released November 16, 2010


A limited 7" that came out a few months ahead of Eksi Ekso’s sophomore full length “Brown Shark, Red Lion”. Limited to 250 total copies, with 50 on black. All hand numbered.

“breathtaking…” — All Music Guide

Stream It:

Kills of the Flood Tide 7"
Vinyl Color: Pink Vinyl
Limited to 200
Kills of the Flood Tide 7"
Vinyl Color: Black Vinyl
Limited to 50
Out of Stock

Tour Dates

May 27
  • Heiress

    Edmonton, AB

May 29
  • Heiress

    Vancouver, BC

Jun 11
  • Heiress

    Seattle, WA

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