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Bears In The Yukon

"The music forces you to follow along, it won't fade in the background -- which is not in the least a bad thing, unless this kind of stuff is only the jelly for your midnight reading session or internet-surfing marathon..." — Absolute Punk

"Within the opening twenty seconds, the opener’s melody is in full swing, showing you they are not the type of instrumental act that needs a craptastic six minute build-up before they hit an ephemeral note and meander away..." — Scene Point Blank

"The Seattle trio ride a line you didn't think was so fine between Explosions in the Sky's atmosphere and Don Caballero's jazzy math-rock playfulness. In turn, Bears in the Yukon is a compelling instrumental adventure..." — Punk News

"Listening to the EP, it seems hard to believe that You.May.Die.In.The.Desert are only a three-piece, such is the chaotic nature of their music..." — The Silent Ballet

Pressing Info

vinyl pressing coming soon.

You.May.Die. In.The.Desert

Bears In The Yukon

Sheath005 | Released June 24, 2008


Jazzy, spastic, and catchy all at once. This band has it all, and who isn’t dying for a vinyl pressing of this album? Coming soon ;)

“Bears in the Yukon is a compelling instrumental adventure…” — Punk News

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Bears In The Yukon CD

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