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I Am Your Bastard Wings

"Brown Shark, Red Lion is the most interesting and challenging pop album I’ve heard so far this year..." — My Old Kentucky Blog

"Eksi Ekso soars, slashes, and burns and chimes again on its sophomore full-length, Brown Shark, Red Lion..." — Boston Globe

"a near-perfect synthesis of the band’s ambitious statement of intent and secret love of pop..." — Consequence of Sound

"when said power fully clicks together for the group, it's breathtaking..." — All Music Guide

"with an album this beautifully written, not to mention wonderfully packaged, pressing play again should be no problem at all..." — Treble Magazine

Pressing Info

- 200 transparent orange/black swirl (mailorder edition)

- 200 transparent orange/transparent red swirl (tour edition)

- 600 white vinyl

*Collector's Note: There were 10 test presses made for this one. We had a contest to create artwork for them and Brian Stowell won. Charlie Wagers then screenprinted jackets for them.

Eksi Ekso

I Am Your Bastard Wings

Sheath008 | Released November 04, 2008


The only recordings by Eksi Ekso that include Nate Shumaker, Clara Kebabian, and Beth Holub. Magic Bullet Records put the CD out on this one. After this album, the band stripped down to a three piece and altered their sound as they wrote Brown Shark, Red Lion (Sheath027), while Nate went on to form Lavinia. This is an intensely personal record to us at Sheath HQ, a very important album that is criminally underrated.

“Somewhere between yesterday and today, chamber, atmosphere, and the night, lies Eksi Ekso…”QRO Magazine

Stream It:

I Am Your Bastard Wings 2xLP
Vinyl Color: Translucent Orange w/Black Swirl
Limited to 200
Out of Stock
I Am Your Bastard Wings 2xLP
Vinyl Color: White Vinyl
Limited to 600

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