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Gifts From Enola

"touches of Thrice's well structured post-hardcore, Tortoise's experimental side and even a little Fugazi thrown in for good measure..." — Decibel Magazine

"the beauty is in the way the heaviness festers underneath soaring melodies, slashing guitars, and enough noise to attract a phalanx of checker shirted beardos..." — Outburn Magazine

"'Epic' doesn't even come close to describing just how awe-inspiring this album is...a magnificently constructed rock album which demonstrates conclusively that the riff is a force to be reckoned with..." — Rock A Rolla

"This is an album to be treasured, savoured over and over again and shown off to friends whenever you can corner them. Utterly engaging and simply brilliant there will be few releases this year to match the beauty and sonic power of Gifts from Enola... simply stunning..." — Sonic Abuse

"gorgeous kaleidoscope of guitar playing and overall musicianship..." — Lambgoat

Pressing Info

- 100 baby blue vinyl (mailorder edition)
- 100 orange vinyl with cotton candy vomit splatter (tour edition)
- 300 orange vinyl

Gifts From Enola

Gifts From Enola

Sheath022 | Released July 13, 2010


The third album by Gifts From Enola sees them evolving once again into more post-hardcore territory, further distancing their sound from its post-rock beginnings. They’ve never played with more passion, edge or conviction.

“touches of Thrice’s well structured post-hardcore, Tortoise’s experimental side and even a little Fugazi thrown in for good measure…” — Decibel Magazine

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Gifts From Enola CD
Gifts From Enola LP
Vinyl Color: Orange Vinyl
Limited to 300
Out of Stock
Gifts From Enola LP
Vinyl Color: Baby Blue Vinyl
Limited to 100
Out of Stock

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