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Living Phantoms

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Living Phantoms

"one of my favourite albums of the year..." — Absolute Punk

"gorgeous dream pop..." — Decoy Music

"This album by Living Phantoms might be a new favorite of that sprawling genre. It sits right around the M83 but with a touch of Múm or even last year's Ulfer..." — Dead Formats

Will Benoit: Lone Phantom



Living Phantoms, the new project from Constants singer/guitarist Will Benoit, is an artful blend of dreamy Noise pop and modern Electro and Glitch. After five critically acclaimed albums and endless touring with his band, alongside notable production work and touring with post-rockers Caspian and fellow shoegazers Junius, Benoit has shifted focus to remix work, scoring and experimental song writing.

“Almost all the music I’m writing is on an iPad – in a van, a hotel, on a plane or on the beach. I can’t express the feeling of inspiration I get when I can look up and see something breathtaking. It gets my head out of the studio and keeps me excited to try new things”.

Benoit takes these sessions home to his own Solar Powered Radar Studios, where “I edit, process, rethink and re-sample the sketches and melodies until it feels finished.” Living Phantoms is surprisingly uptempo and immediate, but there is still a strong underpinning of experimental elements and a density that has become Benoit’s signature.

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