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You.May.Die. In.The.Desert

"The music forces you to follow along, it won't fade in the background -- which is not in the least a bad thing, unless this kind of stuff is only the jelly for your midnight reading session or internet-surfing marathon..." — Absolute Punk

"Within the opening twenty seconds, the opener’s melody is in full swing, showing you they are not the type of instrumental act that needs a craptastic six minute build-up before they hit an ephemeral note and meander away..." — Scene Point Blank

"The Seattle trio ride a line you didn't think was so fine between Explosions in the Sky's atmosphere and Don Caballero's jazzy math-rock playfulness. In turn, Bears in the Yukon is a compelling instrumental adventure..." — Punk News

"Listening to the EP, it seems hard to believe that You.May.Die.In.The.Desert are only a three-piece, such is the chaotic nature of their music..." — The Silent Ballet

Brian Woods: guitars/loops
Brandon Salter: bass/programming
Michael Clark: drums/percussion/piano



“You.May.Die.In.The.Desert is a three-piece instrumental band from Seattle, WA.

You.May.Die.In.The.Desert have released two albums, Bears in the Yukon, and Harmonic Motion: Volume I (a split record with Gifts From Enola). Bears in the Yukon was originally released in Japan by Zankyo Records and more recently in the USA by The Mylene Sheath. The band has toured extensively in the western USA and had the opportunity to tour Japan in June 2007. They self released a hand assembled, CD-R ep on July 27, 2010 entitled “International Waters E.P.”. These four songs that clock in at 30 minutes will also be available on their forthcoming full length (TBA)."

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