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"The five songs that make up 'There Is Light Between Us' establish the parameters of a style that should bear promising fruit for years to come... " — Alternative Press

"Lavinia invest their downcast mood music with gauzy Cure-style guitars/vocals ("A Damning Confession"), and make great use of slide guitar and banjo ("Windmills", "Bone & Arrow") alongside the genre's warhorse tremolo and tom drums..." — Decibel Magazine

"there remains a certain, enchanting vibe on There Is Light Between Us... there is something unique within this project's retro 90's aesthetic that makes it easily stick out amongst it's peers..." — Outburn Magazine

"it's the manner in which Lavinia offset any naval-gazing tendencies with muscular post rock dynamics that ultimately makes 'There Is Light Between Us' such a captivatingly beautiful listen... " — Rock Sound

"Bleak, haunting, delicate, and impossibly massive, There Is Light Between Us is a grand gesture of beauty and solemn depth..." — Decoy Music

"Lavinia specialize in enjoying the journey, not the destination, getting you there at their own pace through peaks and valleys of atmospheric post-rock..." — Metal Sucks

N. Shumaker: Vocals/Guitar
M. DiTullio: Drums
B. Ford: Bass
J. McMahan: Guitar



“Following their harrowing 2010 debut EP “There Is Light Between Us”, Lavinia returns with their follow-up 7”, “Take Shelter”. Once again featuring Nate Shumaker (ex-Eksi Ekso, On Fire, The Burning Paris) on guitar and vocals and Alex Mihm (Eksi Ekso) on drums, this time Philip Jamieson (Caspian) moves to guitar instead of bass, and John Helmig (formerly of Everdown, Crown Vict) plays bass. The two new songs push even further into the bleak territory explored on the debut, with a heavier backdrop this time around. The band starts things out with the beautifully haunting “New Blood”, as the shimmering guitars gradually ascend into crunchier, nastier terrain before subsiding to allow space for Shumaker’s refrained vocal passages, then culminating in the heaviest sound the band has ever achieved. Then you’re greeted with the sorrow of “Halo”, which builds up at a dreamy pace before it chugs and crushes like a forest of falling and colliding trees, a driving close-out to the 7”. In addition to his bass duties, Helmig also recorded and mixed the songs at Verse Media in Manchester, NH, then they were sent off to Jason Martin (Starfyler 59) for mastering. “Take Shelter” will be released worlwide both digitally and on limited edition vinyl via The Mylene Sheath.”

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