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If These Trees Could Talk

"Above The Earth, Below The Sky is one of 2009’s strongest releases and is an artistically crafted sight/sound to behold. It swoops and dives and hurts and soothes and will blow your fucking mind..." — Strangeglue

"Simply put one of the most amazing post-rock instrumental records ever made and a stunning landscape of sound..." — The Punk Vault

"the band sounds great and creates stunning music..." — Ultimate Guitar

"This is music to end the world with, full of sadness as well as thundering rage and technical craftsmanship..." — The Silent Ballet

Zack Kelly: drums
Jeff Kalal: guitar
Tom Fihe: bass
Cody Kelly: guitar
Michael Socrates: guitar



“Ohio has long been known as a source of wonderful instrumental music: The Six Parts Seven, Silencio, and Mortimur, just to name a few, but people often overlook the fact that these bands develop independently of the rest of the country’s instrumental bands. Six Parts Seven is one of the landmark instrumental bands in the US and Silencio was/is so unique that it’s scary. If These Trees Could Talk happily joins the ranks amongst their buckeye brethren.

Although their debut EP follows the HydraHead and Neurot school of thought, it’s fair to say it’s not a direct result as much as they share common influences: Pink Floyd, King Crimson, and other progressively minded rock bands. If These Trees Could Talk is certainly a rock album, although the use of reverb and delay make the music very amicable to fans of “post-rock” music. The band’s potential is just as large as its appeal — with a solid foundation to build upon, If These Trees Could Talk has a variety of viable options for its next record."

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