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Herra Terra

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Herra Terra

"rocks from the first note to the last, yet balances memorable songwriting and very catchy melodies into a concoction that is destined to be the next big thing..." — Outburn Magazine

"Quiet Geist doesn’t ask for introspection or analysis. Instead, it asks you to simply let go, live in the moment, and embrace disillusionment..." — Short And Sweet NYC

"Despite all the electronics, the music doesn’t feel at all synthetic. They managed to maintain a more organic feeling to their songs and the songs are really catchy and melodic..." — The Punk Vault

"Quiet Geist- with its overcast and sometimes nihilistic tint- is more of an anthem for the disillusioned rather than an answer to their questions. .." — Indie Ambassador

"the songs pop out at the listener. This style of production is perfect for their style. Everything can be heard with perfect clarity no detail is left out... everything about this release is strong and has immense potential..." — Scene Point Blank

John Paul Tonelli: vocals/keys
Gregg Kusumah-Atmadja: guitar/keys
Shawn Pelkey: drums/keys
Adrian Bettencourt Andrade: bass/keys



HERRA TERRA was conceived by Vocalist, John Paul Tonelli and Guitarist, Gregg Kusumah-Atmadja. The duo released a 3 song EP in 2008 entitled Organs For The Afterlife with help from other Boston based musicians (Bad Rabbits, Irepress) and Sound Engineer, Mike Mo Lapierre (Death Cab for Cutie, Brand New, Dropkick Murphy’s). Not being able to find a permanent fixture on drums, the band played as a two piece electronic act in the New England area until 2009. After rigorously searching for a drummer, the band recruited Brad Caetano (Arms & Sleepers, Seneca, AM/PM). Ever since, the group has melded together and enhanced their electronic and live elements. Now adding Adrian Bettencourt Andrade on Bass, HERRA TERRA has finally transitioned into the electro/rock outfit they ve been threatening to become this entire time. The band mixes elements of Depeche Mode, Le Tigre, Head Automatica, and Duran Duran to create an exciting new album that is just as easy to dance to as it to listen to analytically. This is definitely more than just a party, but it IS a party. HERRA TERRA has shared the stage with some outstanding artists such as: Shiny Toy Guns, Piebald, Damone, Freeze Pop, Green Jelly, Appleseed Cast, Hot Rod Circuit, Chk Chk Chk (!!!), Bad Rabbits, Irepress, Semi Precious Weapons and many others. Now the band is ready to get out on the road and bring the dance party to new places who’ve yet to witness it. As Emma Goldman once said: “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.” "

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